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Information Architecture Finalist



What does Topcoder mean to you?

Topcoder means to me a way to learn and share learning.

Before I met Topcoder I was a little bored. I'm an “old school” girl, I don't like social networks (I think they are a waste of time) and I don't like how the society has changed due to progress on these matters (we have all answers, we're losing reading, writing, researching, creating…) so I was feeling myself like in a world apart. Inside Topcoder I have recovered the desire to get up to date because that's the way I'm useful here, it makes me be aware of current tendencies and I have the opportunity to create new things. I love to solve problems and I have a lot of ideas so I love to have found a place to deliver them. Also I have found a place where I can improve my skills in any project category from design to development.

What is your greatest career accomplishment to date?

To me all is a great accomplishment, every little step which makes me improve in any way including to have won a Topcoder contest. Anyway I could say that all my life I’ve been thinking in space so one of my greatest career accomplishments is to be working in the space sector where I’m in touch with space rockets, tracking and security systems. I also love to have spent some months working in the European spaceport (CSG) participating in launching missions.

What are you hobbies besides Topcoder?

My hobbies besides Topcoder… I like to know a bit of everything and I prefer to don't focus in one or few things so I could say that keep on learning is a hobby to me. Besides this there's one thing that always remains: music. I like singing, playing guitar and piano. I also like to watch TV shows and films of all genres.

What is your best tip for a new Topcoder member just starting out?

Keep calm and ask! It took me a lot to understand the overall. Each new discovery was a great accomplishment 🙂

Tell us your Topcoder story.

My story begins with a big call from NASA in my country (TV, newspapers…), they were looking for people to help them to search asteroids and all began with a Topcoder account. Those days I thought this would be just a formality so I created my Topcoder account and then… I felt amazed about how all could be so incomprehensible! I started by reading all that I could and I focused on what it's supposed I'm good at: Development, but I found old guides, I couldn’t understand how to submit… I was lost. Then I saw Bug Hunt contests apparently easy and independent. My third Bug Hunt became my first contest place which made me feel really interested in doing more. Later I found IG contests (just to give ideas! I loved it!) coming from “Studio” but I felt this was a different thing apart from Topcoder so it took me a while to come back to Studio again. I came back to participate in the TCO14 T-shirt design challenge and looking for more I met my current specialty: Wireframes. From time to time I do something in development contests, especially bug hunts but wireframes are taking all my free time right now. In development I waste a lot of time setting up environment, that's why I prefer design but I would love to be able to spend the whole year participating in all that I like (architecture, code, algorithm contests, pure design…).

I think that my greatest accomplishment is to have provided solutions that are going to be used in any place even if I'm not the recognized author. I have the feeling that I have some good ideas that can be used all over the world and I'm proud of some of my designs that would never had done without this platform.