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About TCO

What happens when you put the most elite coders and designers on a stage to compete head to head on some of the toughest problems?

What happens when you are face to face with genius minds, innovative thinkers, and industry leaders?

What happens when rival tech companies from across the globe collaborate their support?

The Topcoder Open happens.

The Topcoder Open (TCO) is a world-wide programming and designing tournament that takes place for an entire year before narrowing down the best of the best for the ultimate showdown live on stage!

Dating back to 2001, topcoder tournaments have paved the way for geeks of all kinds. Champions and finalists of topcoder tournaments enjoy many perks including meeting presidents, starting big businesses, having their own wiki page, and becoming millionaires. Not to mention working their dream job at Facebook, Google, NSA, and Intel to name a few.

Whether you compete for the glory, for the job, or to meet other like minded folks, the prize money and trip to the event is not a bad gig either! TCO15 is giving out tons of prizes and trip to the onsite finals which we will be announcing soon!

Any topcoder member 18 years or older and who meet all the eligibility criteria can compete in the TCO and there are six different tracks of competition to try. How can you compete? Most all topcoder competitions are eligible for TCO points. Check out what challenges are running now.

Compete today!