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Cisco Research & Open Innovation

If you’re looking to join a dynamic, global coalition of passionate technologists, driven by an insatiable desire to create meaningful innovation—look no further. We’re right here.

As part of Cisco’s Chief Technology & Architecture Office (CTAO), we’re all about creating an environment where world-class coders and architects come together to chase their curiosities, push boundaries, and build things that will fundamentally improve the Internet and the change way networking shapes our world.

We are a small, selective group that operates in partnership with a vast “friends and family network” of diverse skillsets across organizations, industries, geographies, and philosophies. We leverage that network as we pursue a litany of powerful ideas and groundbreaking projects.

To ensure we remain on the leading edge, we prioritize the regular infusion of fresh perspectives and skillsets (yes, we mean you) as we attack difficult problems, manifest next-level thinking, and continue to serve as a major catalyst for evolution in the industry.

Sound interesting? We know. Let’s talk.

As an added bonus we asked some of our team to give you a little peek into what it’s really like to work with us. Here’s what they said:

“If you find something that you’re good at doing, that you enjoy, and that you can get paid to do, life is good. 99% of the population do not have these three things.”

“We have a lot of autonomy. We’re on a technical career path that allows us to operate at a senior level without having to be on a ‘management track.’ Because we are involved with a lot of different customers and business units, we get to engage in a wide range of interesting technology areas.”

“You have massive opportunity to explore in such a broad portfolio of technology… There is opportunity for almost anybody, with almost any interest, to find their niche, own it, and change the industry.”

“You get to work with crazy smart people.”

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