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Who We Are

Eleven Fifty Academy is a nonprofit coding academy that teaches the most relevant and up-to-date coding coursework, through immersive learning, to those interested in becoming a first time coder, making a career change to become a coder, or skilling up in their current coding role. Our classes are offered at subsidized rates thanks in part to donations from individuals, companies and unique partnerships.

Eleven Fifty Academy serves students of all ages and skill sets. All you need to start is a desire to learn. We exist to help close the nation’s growing technology skills gap through our mission of creating an ecosystem of coding talent that benefits the individual, their employer and their community.

What We Believe

The coding profession is in a transformative state. It’s grown and uptake will have a significant impact – both short and long term – on the social and economic opportunities of our world’s future.

Coders want to serve and teach other coders. We are enabling this as a way to achieve better results.

Existing methods for coding education and learning are slow and inefficient.

We offer a balanced and thoughtful combination of online and in person immersive instruction as the preferred approach to learning.

Coders are underserved when it comes to professional development.

Coders want jobs and need to help finding them. We’ve established an apprenticeship pathway to discovery.

The coding profession lacks diversity.

We are reaching deep into communities nationwide to encourage diversity in coders; including females, minorities and the underserved.

Coders are socially responsible.

We enable programs and interactions that give coders the oppurtunity to give back.

Coders are lifelong learners.

We host inspiring events that foster interaction between coders and other professionals that magnify the impact and careers of all.