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Prototype Finalist



What does Topcoder mean to you?

Topcoder is a great opportunity to improve my knowledge as well as my skills. Most important thing is the great community meet during the competitions and the experience I gathered in various areas.

What is your greatest career accomplishment to date?

The day I participated for the TCO13

What are you hobbies besides Topcoder?

Travelling and listening to the music

What is your best tip for a new Topcoder member just starting out?

Work hard and never give up.

Tell us your Topcoder story.

One of my friends informed me about Topcoder. Initially I tried several competitions but I failed but I never gave up and studied well and identified my weak points. That's how I got success. Now I have the confidence. I'm mostly doing UI prototypes. There are few good competitors. So winning a competition is bit difficult. I participated in TCO13. That was a great achievement in my life. I enjoyed the event very much. Looking forward to participate competitions in future.