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UI Design Finalist



What does Topcoder mean to you?

It means so much to me and it's absolutely awesome. A great place to compete and learn from the best of the best designers in the Studio. It gave me an opportunity to design for the big companies, which I've never really thought about before.

What is your greatest career accomplishment to date?

Becoming a Member of the month in Topcoder twice. And ya, winning a Trip to TCO15.

What are you hobbies besides Topcoder?

Sketching, Photography, Travelling, jogging and going for long walks on the beach and in fresh green places!

What is your best tip for a new Topcoder member just starting out?

Never Give Up.

For a Designer, participate in Live UX challenges. You'll learn a lot from the feedback you get from the experts.

Tell us your Topcoder story.

One of my good friends told me to join the Studio and give it a try. I joined on December 7th, 2014 and I started participating from the very next day. That is when my addiction began 😀 and ya It's going great so far.